When it comes to eliminating and managing your outdated fume cupboards and extract systems, meticulous attention is paramount. Proper disposal is as crucial as the installation of new equipment, especially considering potential contamination from fumes.

Addressing Asbestos Concerns

In older setups, there’s a high likelihood of asbestos presence in the construction of fume cupboards and ductwork. The Fume Cupboard Company collaborates with specialized contractors adept at safely and meticulously removing such materials, ensuring a controlled process.

Dealing with "Shared" Extract Systems

Beyond contamination risks, other considerations arise. Removing one fume cupboard from an extract system serving multiple units necessitates careful rebalancing to maintain proper airflow. Adjusting the extract fan’s speed to accommodate reduced air volume may be necessary, particularly with modern inverter-driven fans. Older systems might require replacement of pulleys and belts. Additionally, adjustments to makeup air systems are crucial as the lab’s air volume decreases.

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Decontamination FAQ

Why is decontamination of fume cupboards necessary?

Decontamination of fume cupboards is essential for maintaining a safe working environment. Over time, these units can accumulate hazardous substances, residues, and contaminants from various experiments or processes. Regular decontamination helps prevent cross-contamination, ensures the effectiveness of the fume extraction system, and reduces the risk of exposure to harmful substances for laboratory personnel.

The frequency of decontamination depends on factors such as the nature of work conducted in the laboratory, the types of chemicals used, and regulatory requirements. Generally, fume cupboards should be decontaminated on a regular schedule, which may range from monthly to annually. However, more frequent decontamination may be necessary for high-risk areas or after particularly hazardous experiments.

Decontamination methods vary depending on the type of contamination and the materials used in the fume cupboard construction. Common methods include chemical decontamination using appropriate cleaning agents, steam cleaning, UV irradiation, and fumigation with disinfectants or sterilants. The chosen method should effectively remove contaminants without damaging the equipment or compromising safety.

Typically, laboratory personnel or specially trained facility maintenance staff are responsible for decontaminating fume cupboards. It’s important to ensure that individuals conducting decontamination procedures are adequately trained in handling hazardous substances and follow established protocols to minimize risks. In some cases, external contractors may be hired for specialized decontamination tasks.

Yes, safety precautions are crucial to protect personnel and maintain regulatory compliance during decontamination activities. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, goggles, and lab coats, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent exposure to fumes or vapors, and following established protocols for handling and disposing of contaminated materials. Additionally, fume cupboards should be properly labeled and isolated during decontamination to prevent accidental exposure to others in the laboratory.

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