Wet Scrubber Fume Cupboards

Elevate your safety standards with fume cupboards designed for high-volume acid-based applications. Perfect for handling heavy chemicals, our fume cupboards are ideal for acid digestion using HF (Hydrofluoric Acid).

Sustainable Solutions for Heavy Chemical Use: Trust in Specialized Fume Cupboards

Prioritize environmental sustainability with solutions that minimize impact while ensuring optimal safety. Trust our specialized fume cupboards to handle the challenges of heavy chemical use with precision and reliability. Experience peace of mind knowing that your laboratory is equipped with fume cupboards tailored to your high-volume acid-based applications.

Enhanced Durability and Environmental Protection: Discover Our Wet Scrubber Fume Cupboards

Experience unparalleled durability with our wet scrubber fume cupboards, guaranteeing corrosion resistance for optimal longevity. Prioritize user safety and environmental protection as these units effectively reduce toxic chemical emissions by cleaning polluted air with a scrubbing solution before release. Ideal for facilities handling high volumes of corrosive chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, our scrubbed fume cupboards offer a reliable solution. Manufactured from polypropylene, these cabinets withstand highly corrosive environments created by chemical heating processes. Upgrade your facility with our corrosion-resistant wet scrubber fume cupboards for enhanced safety and sustainability.

Integrated Scrubber

Efficient scrubber exceeds 99% of chemical concentrations.

Safe & Compliant

Airflow alarmed to ensure British and European safety compliance. EN 14175 certified.

Custom Size & Spec

Designed to facilitate your internal laboratory processes.

Choosing Between Wet-Scrubber and Wash-Down Fume Cupboards: Tailored Solutions for Laboratory Safety

Compare the benefits of Wet-Scrubber and Wash-Down Fume Cupboards to find the perfect solution for your lab’s needs. Wet-Scrubber Fume Cupboards effectively neutralize toxic vapors, ensuring safe exhaust into the environment. On the other hand, Wash-Down Fume Cupboards prevent Perchloric acid crystallization with strategically placed water jets. TION specializes in both product types, offering expertise and support from qualified engineers. Explore the advantages of each option to enhance safety and efficiency in your laboratory. With our range of Wet-Scrubber and Wash-Down Fume Cupboards, TION provides tailored solutions for various applications. Trust TION to deliver reliable and innovative fume cupboard solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Environmental Sustainability with Scrubbed Fume Cupboards: Reducing Hazardous Emissions and Promoting Ethical Standards

Minimize your environmental footprint with scrubbed fume cupboards designed to prevent hazardous emissions. These innovative units significantly reduce untreated chemical wastage, promoting sustainable practices in laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Capturing chemical vapors using a media mist, our cabinets neutralize substances within a treated recirculation tank, ensuring environmental safety. Our advanced technology aligns with modern environmental practices, promoting safe working procedures and ethical standards. Achieve scrubbing efficiency exceeding 99% of chemical concentrations, aiding organizations in tracking annual emissions and adhering to their ESG policy. Trust in our solutions to reduce your environmental impact while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and safety.

Download the Wet Scrubber Fume Cupboards brochure

Download our brochure to explore the features of our wet scrubber fume cupboards. These units are equipped with advanced scrubbing technology to effectively remove harmful gases and particulates. Discover how our solutions can enhance air quality and safety in your lab.

Wet Scrubber Fume Cupboards FAQ


A wet scrubber fume cupboard utilizes a wet scrubbing process to remove contaminants from the air. Here’s how it typically works:

Contaminated air is drawn into the fume cupboard.

Inside the fume cupboard, the air passes through a water bath or wet scrubber system.

The water in the scrubber acts as a medium to capture and dissolve the contaminants present in the air, such as dust, particles, and gases.

As the contaminated air passes through the water, the pollutants are absorbed or chemically reacted with the water, effectively cleaning the air.

The cleaned air is then released back into the environment or further processed as necessary.

The water containing the captured contaminants is collected and treated or disposed of appropriately, depending on the nature of the contaminants.

Overall, wet scrubber fume cupboards provide an effective method for removing a wide range of contaminants from the air, making them suitable for applications where traditional filtration methods may not be sufficient.

Ducted fume cupboards offer several advantages, including effective containment of hazardous substances, reliable removal of fumes and vapors from the workspace, flexibility in handling a wide range of chemicals and processes, and the ability to maintain consistent airflow rates for optimal safety. Additionally, ducted systems allow for easier maintenance and servicing compared to other types of fume extraction solutions.

Our Product Range

From initial design to final installation, our turnkey laboratory construction service covers all aspects of your project. With expertise in specialist gases, HVAC systems, and decor, we ensure a comprehensive solution.
Fume extraction hoods are indispensable for upholding workplace safety and cleanliness, particularly in industries where noxious fumes arise during operations
Localised fume extract arms (also known as snorkel extracts) are the perfect solution for efficient capture of fumes at source. Their compact size, ease of movement, low-cost and low extract volume make them ideal LEV solutions for bench top experiments.
Introducing ‘The Isoflow junior,’ our bespoke ducted fume cupboard design specifically for educational settings. Engineered and assembled with precision, each unit is tailored to meet the unique needs of schools.
Welcome to The Fume Cupboard Companies’ revolutionary Laminar Flow Fume Cupboards, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromised safety. Engineered to safeguard both samples and users, our laminar flow hood UK solutions redefine workspace protection.
Our WASH-DOWN FUME CUPBOARDS, crafted by The Fume Cupboard Companies, boast ISO-certified low perchlorate salt buildup prevention. Featuring angular walls and custom water spray nozzles, they efficiently trap perchloric vapors within cabinets and ducts, ensuring enhanced safety across your laboratory environment.
Experience the epitome of fume containment excellence with The Fume Cupboard Company’s ventilated enclosures, purposefully engineered to accommodate and safeguard large-scale equipment.
Discover effortless containment with our Fume Hood range, perfect for low-volume applications. The Fume Cupboard Company offers a mobile and energy-efficient alternative to fixed ducted models.
Experience unparalleled fume containment excellence with The Fume Cupboard Company’s certified Isoflow ducted fume cupboards. Designed for commercial applications, these top-tier units guarantee exceptional chemical containment, providing utmost safety for your facility.