COSHH Safety Service & Repair

Ensure COSHH compliance for your educational and commercial spaces with our specialized COSHH assessment services. Our certified engineers conduct thorough surveys, adhering to COSHH regulations 7 and 9 as well as Health & Safety guidelines (HSG258).

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: Comprehensive LEV Testing and Reporting

Utilizing advanced techniques like airflow instrumentation, smoke tests, and dust lamps, we evaluate the efficacy and structural integrity of your Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) setup.

Upon completion of comprehensive COSHH safety testing, we provide a report encompassing surveys, expert commentary, actionable recommendations, and necessary remedial measures. It’s advisable to schedule LEV testing approximately every 14 months, although certain systems may require more frequent evaluations. Additionally, we ensure you stay ahead of compliance deadlines by recording your details in our database and issuing timely reminders one month before the re-test is due. Regular testing is essential to ensure compliance, prevent severe penalties, and protect staff from potential harm. Our testing procedure delivers detailed and comprehensive reports, focusing on qualitative data capture and reporting.

Ensuring Workplace Safety: Comprehensive COSHH Testing and Certification

COSHH testing, mandated by the Health & Safety Executive, ensures equipment performs as intended, effectively controlling employee exposure to hazardous substances. It’s also referred to as LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) testing, crucial for dust and fume extraction systems.

Our reports include mandatory details required by the HSE, such as velocity and pressure readings, along with schematic drawings. We detail findings to enhance workplace safety and cleanliness, identifying problems and faults for rectification. We certify extraction systems as suitable for use, maintained in an efficient state, working order, good repair, and clean condition.

Looking to fortify your fume cupboard and LEV systems with the utmost COSHH assurance? Waste no time—contact us today, and let’s ensure the safety and compliance of your workspace together.

COSHH Safety Service & Repair FAQ

How much of a COSHH Test cost?

The cost of a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the workplace, the number of hazardous substances involved, and whether you hire an external consultant or conduct the assessment in-house.

If you’re conducting the assessment internally, the main cost would be the time and resources required to identify hazardous substances, assess the risks, implement control measures, and train employees. However, if you opt to hire an external consultant, the cost can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size and complexity of your organization.

It’s important to remember that while there may be upfront costs associated with conducting COSHH assessments, the investment is crucial for ensuring the health and safety of employees and complying with regulatory requirements.

In the context of the UK, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations impose several legal requirements on employers to protect their employees from exposure to hazardous substances. Here are some key legal requirements:

Risk Assessment: Employers must conduct a risk assessment to identify and evaluate the risks posed by hazardous substances in the workplace. This assessment should include identifying the substances present, assessing the risks of exposure, and implementing control measures to mitigate these risks.

Control Measures: Employers must implement control measures to prevent or minimize exposure to hazardous substances. This can include engineering controls (such as ventilation systems), administrative controls (such as safe work practices), and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Monitoring and Testing: Employers may be required to monitor and test the levels of hazardous substances in the workplace to ensure that exposure levels are within acceptable limits. This can involve air monitoring, biological monitoring, or surface testing, depending on the nature of the substances involved.

Information and Training: Employers must provide employees with information and training on the hazards associated with the substances they work with, as well as the control measures in place to protect them. This includes providing safety data sheets (SDS) for hazardous substances and training employees on safe handling procedures.

Health Surveillance: In some cases, employers may be required to provide health surveillance for employees who are exposed to certain hazardous substances. This involves monitoring employees’ health to detect early signs of exposure-related health effects.

Review and Revision: Employers must regularly review and, if necessary, revise their COSHH assessments and control measures to ensure they remain effective and up-to-date.

While anyone can theoretically conduct a COSHH assessment, it’s important to ensure that the person conducting the assessment has the necessary knowledge, training, and competence to do so effectively. COSHH assessments involve identifying hazardous substances, assessing the risks of exposure, implementing control measures, and monitoring their effectiveness, which requires a certain level of expertise in health and safety management.

In many organizations, COSHH assessments are typically carried out by health and safety professionals, such as occupational hygienists, health and safety managers, or trained employees with relevant expertise. These individuals should have a good understanding of the hazards associated with different substances, as well as the control measures and regulatory requirements relevant to their workplace.

However, even if you don’t have dedicated health and safety personnel, you can still conduct a COSHH assessment by seeking guidance from external consultants or using resources provided by regulatory agencies. Additionally, there are various training courses and online resources available to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to conduct COSHH assessments effectively.

Ultimately, the key is to ensure that whoever is conducting the assessment is competent to do so and has access to the necessary information and resources to perform the assessment accurately and comprehensively.

Failure to comply with COSHH regulations can result in enforcement action by regulatory authorities and potential legal consequences, including fines and prosecution. Therefore, it’s essential for employers to understand and fulfil their legal obligations under COSHH.

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