Wash-Down Fume Cupboards

Our wash-down fume cupboards, crafted by The Fume Cupboard Companies, boast ISO-certified low perchlorate salt buildup prevention. Featuring angular walls and custom water spray nozzles, they efficiently trap perchloric vapors within cabinets and ducts, ensuring enhanced safety across your laboratory environment.

Prioritize Staff Safety: Perchloric Acid-Ready Wash-Down Cabinets for Laboratory Protection

Safeguard your staff with our perchloric acid-ready wash-down cabinets, fortified with durable polypropylene to resist corrosion. Ultra-low surface tensions streamline cleaning, thwarting acid vapor condensation. Equipped with drainage ports, airflow sensors, and a 9-inch control system, our fail-safe solution ensures staff safety. Certified, secure, and ergonomic, prioritize your laboratory’s safety today.

Precision Planning: Custom Fume Cupboards Tailored to Your Specifications

Initiating in CAD, each fume cupboard undergoes meticulous planning to meet your specifications. Collaborating closely, we ensure every detail aligns with your needs. Before construction begins, a comprehensive drawing is presented and approved by you, ensuring precision and satisfaction throughout the build process.

Safety Compliance

Airflow alarmed for British, European, and global safety standards compliance. Certified under EN 14175.

Delivery & Installation

Our comprehensive package encompasses design, delivery, expert installation, and thorough commissioning

High Quality - Durable Materials

Corrosion-resistant materials ensure durability, enhancing the longevity of your product for prolonged performance and reliability.


Standard Widths (bespoke dimensions available)

Standard Height: 1000mm
Standard Depth: 2400mm

Advanced Features of Our Fume Cupboards: Enhancing Containment and Performance

Enhance Your Fume Cupboard: Optional Extras for Customization and Safety

Integrated Water Sprinklers

To rinse rear baffle, backspace, and duct connections, preventing residue accumulation effectively.

Energy-efficient LED lighting

Providing eco-friendly, cost-effective 800 LUX illumination.

Choose from various lining materials

Polypropylene, stainless steel, PPS, and TRESPA.

Supplied with a Control panel

Featuring centralized control, user-friendly interface, airflow monitoring, calibration, and energy-efficient modes.

Utilizing a programmable red light alarm system

Our cabinets monitor internal airflow, triggering alerts for faults.

Angular rear wall

Angular rear wall design facilitates smooth water flow, capturing perchloric vapors behind the baffle plate effectively.

Plastic (PVC) Ductwork & Fitting

Incorporating PVC ductwork, our wash-down fume cupboards ensure corrosion resistance, durability, and flexibility for engineers. With a smooth interior, airflow resistance is minimized, saving energy. This PVC solution serves as a cost-effective and modern alternative to metal ducts in fume extraction systems, offering enhanced performance and longevity.

Download the Wash-Down Fume Cupboards brochure

Access our brochure to find out more about our wash-down fume cupboards. Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, these cupboards are perfect for environments where hygiene is paramount. Learn about our robust and user-friendly designs.

Wash-Down Fume Cupboards FAQ

What is a wash down fume cupboard?

A wash-down fume cupboard, also known as a perchloric hood, is a ducted extraction system for containing chemicals like perchloric vapors, residues, and particulates. It prevents perchloric salt formation with internal water filtration. This specialized unit ensures laboratory safety by effectively managing hazardous substances.

A wash-down fume cupboard incorporates water sprinklers behind the rear baffle plate, preventing perchloric acid crystallization. Its top-down filtration halts residue buildup and explosive risks. Connected to a drainage system, excess water is removed, while air extraction occurs through a roof-mounted ventilation stack.

The primary difference lies in their mechanisms of dealing with hazardous substances. Wet-scrubber fume cupboards utilize a wet scrubbing process to neutralize toxic vapors before release, while wash-down fume cupboards prevent perchloric acid crystallization by rinsing surfaces with water jets, particularly behind the rear baffle plate.

The time required for installing a wash-down fume cupboard can vary based on factors like the complexity of the setup, site preparation, and specific customization needs. Generally, installation may take anywhere up to 7 days, depending on the circumstances and requirements of the installation site.

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