Ducted Fume Cupboards

Experience unparalleled fume containment excellence with The Fume Cupboard Company's certified Isoflow ducted fume cupboards. Designed for commercial applications, these top-tier units guarantee exceptional chemical containment, providing utmost safety for your facility.

Cutting-edge Features

Our Isoflow ducted fume cupboards boast cutting-edge features tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial environments. Equipped with roof-mounted ventilation stacks, these units ensure efficient extraction by venting toxins directly into the atmosphere, eliminating the risk of hazardous buildup within your workspace.

What sets our system apart is its industrial-grade design, engineered to minimize downtime and maximize profitability. Bid farewell to costly filter replacements and operational disruptions, as our robust solution offers unparalleled reliability and longevity.

With The Fume Cupboard Company’s Isoflow ducted fume cupboards, you can trust in a solution that prioritizes both safety and efficiency. Invest in the assurance of a cleaner, safer, and more productive work environment for your facility today.

Tailored To Your Requirements

Tailor your fume cupboard to perfection with our customizable solutions, crafted to meet your exact specifications. Our commitment to customization ensures that every detail, from dimensions to materials, is precisely tailored to your needs. With a motto of “Customize, Don’t Generalize,” we empower you to control the outcome of your fume cupboard design. Our designers will work closely with you to create a bespoke solution that exceeds your expectations. Experience unparalleled customization and craftsmanship with our tailored fume cupboard solutions.

BS EN 14175

Our fume cupboards meet BS EN 14175 certification, guaranteeing safety standards compliance. Automated alarms provide added safety measures, ensuring peace of mind in your workspace.

Delivery & Installation

Full-stack project development includes design, delivery, installation & commissioning.

DW154 Certified Ductwork

All ductwork conforms to stringent DW154 standards, ensuring maximum containment & efficiency.


Experience precision and customization with our design process, powered by CAD. Collaborate with us to ensure your fume cupboard aligns perfectly with your needs. Before construction begins, you’ll receive a fully dimensioned drawing for your approval, guaranteeing satisfaction with the final product. Trust our meticulous design process to deliver a fume cupboard tailored to your specifications. Start your journey towards a bespoke fume cupboard today with our expert design team.


Experience quality craftsmanship with our fume cupboards, crafted in our state-of-the-art UK facility. Our team of skilled engineers and fabricators meticulously ensure each fume cupboard meets the highest standards. Trust in our modern and spacious factory for superior construction of your fume cupboard. From concept to completion, we prioritize excellence in every build. Elevate your workspace with fume cupboards built to perfection in the UK.


Ensure seamless installation with our dedicated team of fitters, ready to set up your fume cupboard at your facility. Our installation services cover the entire UK, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Trust our experienced team to deliver and install your fume cupboard with precision and professionalism. Sit back and relax as we handle the delivery and installation process for you. Experience hassle-free setup with our nationwide installation services.

Variable Air Volume

Lower your energy bills with VAV Technology, proven to reduce usage by up to 80%. By adjusting airflow based on sash height, it conserves electricity and promotes sustainability. VAV systems optimize airflow, consuming less power when sashes are closed compared to traditional CAV systems. Discover the benefits of Variable Air Volume and start saving today. Click here for more information on energy-efficient solutions.

LED low energy light fitting with front mounted light switch

Your Choice Of Worksurface Materials: – We offer a wide variety of work surface materials, including Ceramic & Epoxy to suit the needs of your applications.

TEL AFA4000/2 tactile and digital fully programmable airflow monitor / alarm panel Our cabinets include a programmable red-light alarm that monitors internal airflow, alerting your staff to a fault. It’s simple, safe, and effective.

Download the Ducted Fume Cupboards brochure

Get your hands on our brochure to learn about our high-performance ducted fume extraction hoods. Designed to provide maximum protection and air quality control, these hoods are ideal for laboratories that handle hazardous substances. Ensure a safe working environment with our reliable solutions.

Ducted Fume Cupboards FAQ

What is a ducted fume cupboard, and how does it work?

A ducted fume cupboard is a type of laboratory containment device designed to protect users from exposure to hazardous fumes, vapors, or dust generated during experiments or processes. It consists of an enclosed workspace with a sash or sliding door at the front and an exhaust duct connected to a ventilation system. When in use, the fume cupboard draws air and contaminants away from the user, directing them through the exhaust duct and safely venting them outdoors.

Ducted fume cupboards offer several advantages, including effective containment of hazardous substances, reliable removal of fumes and vapors from the workspace, flexibility in handling a wide range of chemicals and processes, and the ability to maintain consistent airflow rates for optimal safety. Additionally, ducted systems allow for easier maintenance and servicing compared to other types of fume extraction solutions.

Selecting the appropriate ducted fume cupboard involves considering factors such as the types and quantities of chemicals used, the size and layout of the laboratory space, regulatory requirements, and budget constraints. It’s essential to choose a unit that provides sufficient airflow, meets safety standards, and accommodates the specific needs of your laboratory applications. Consulting with fume cupboard specialists or ventilation engineers can help in making an informed decision.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the continued effectiveness and safety of ducted fume cupboards. This includes routine inspection of components such as the sash, airflow indicators, filters, and exhaust fans to ensure proper functioning. Filters may need to be replaced periodically, and any leaks or malfunctions should be promptly addressed. It’s also important to follow manufacturer recommendations and regulatory guidelines for maintenance procedures.

Yes, safety is paramount when using ducted fume cupboards. Users should be trained in proper operating procedures, including sash management, handling of hazardous materials, and emergency protocols. Additionally, regular monitoring of airflow rates and containment performance is necessary to detect any issues or deviations that could compromise safety. Ensuring adequate ventilation in the laboratory space and conducting periodic assessments of the fume cupboard’s effectiveness are also important for maintaining a safe working environment.

Our Product Range

From initial design to final installation, our turnkey laboratory construction service covers all aspects of your project. With expertise in specialist gases, HVAC systems, and decor, we ensure a comprehensive solution.
Fume extraction hoods are indispensable for upholding workplace safety and cleanliness, particularly in industries where noxious fumes arise during operations
Localised fume extract arms (also known as snorkel extracts) are the perfect solution for efficient capture of fumes at source. Their compact size, ease of movement, low-cost and low extract volume make them ideal LEV solutions for bench top experiments.
Introducing ‘The Isoflow junior,’ our bespoke ducted fume cupboard design specifically for educational settings. Engineered and assembled with precision, each unit is tailored to meet the unique needs of schools.
Welcome to The Fume Cupboard Companies’ revolutionary Laminar Flow Fume Cupboards, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromised safety. Engineered to safeguard both samples and users, our laminar flow hood UK solutions redefine workspace protection.
Elevate your safety standards with fume cupboards designed for high-volume acid-based applications. Perfect for handling heavy chemicals, our fume cupboards are ideal for acid digestion using HF (Hydrofluoric Acid).
Our WASH-DOWN FUME CUPBOARDS, crafted by The Fume Cupboard Companies, boast ISO-certified low perchlorate salt buildup prevention. Featuring angular walls and custom water spray nozzles, they efficiently trap perchloric vapors within cabinets and ducts, ensuring enhanced safety across your laboratory environment.
Experience the epitome of fume containment excellence with The Fume Cupboard Company’s ventilated enclosures, purposefully engineered to accommodate and safeguard large-scale equipment.
Discover effortless containment with our Fume Hood range, perfect for low-volume applications. The Fume Cupboard Company offers a mobile and energy-efficient alternative to fixed ducted models.