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Our core products are designed to prioritise the safety and security of your staff above all else. Harnessing the latest advancements in safety technology, we've curated a lineup that promises to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Revitalise Your Laboratory with
Cutting-Edge Solutions

Welcome to The Fume Cupboard Company the laboratory fume extraction and safety solutions hub, where innovation transforms lab environments. Bid farewell to stagnant air and embrace freshness with Isoflow fume cupboards, hoods, and bespoke extraction systems, enhancing airflow and safety.

Our mission is clear: surpassing expectations. From consultation to installation, we tailor solutions fitting your unique needs. Whether a lab fume cupboard, cabinet, or ducted system, we offer a varied range of options.

Industrial Fume Extraction Systems & Mobile Fume Cupboards

From initial design to final installation, our turnkey laboratory construction service covers all aspects of your project. With expertise in specialist gases, HVAC systems, and decor, we ensure a comprehensive solution.
Fume extraction hoods are indispensable for upholding workplace safety and cleanliness, particularly in industries where noxious fumes arise during operations
Localised fume extract arms (also known as snorkel extracts) are the perfect solution for efficient capture of fumes at source. Their compact size, ease of movement, low-cost and low extract volume make them ideal LEV solutions for bench top experiments.
Introducing ‘The Isoflow junior,’ our bespoke ducted fume cupboard design specifically for educational settings. Engineered and assembled with precision, each unit is tailored to meet the unique needs of schools.
Welcome to The Fume Cupboard Companies’ revolutionary Laminar Flow Fume Cupboards, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromised safety. Engineered to safeguard both samples and users, our laminar flow hood UK solutions redefine workspace protection.

Relationships Built on Trust

Revitalise your workspace with industrial extraction systems and mobile cupboards, fostering a safer, more productive environment. Contact us for a free consultation to transform your lab into a safety-focused, productive space.

In search of high-quality UK fume cupboards? Our fume extraction products meet the highest safety and efficiency standards. From standard to specialized models, we have solutions for every need.

Trust our extract fans for optimal airflow, ensuring a safe working environment whether in a lab or industrial setting.

Our services extend beyond just installation

Embark on a journey of excellence with The Fume Cupboard Company, where unparalleled expertise and precision engineering converge to redefine fume extraction solutions. Our stellar reputation isn’t just a claim; it’s a testament to our steadfast dedication to delivering the very best.
Elevating Fire Safety Standards for Fume Cupboards with Fire Suppression Systems
Ensure COSHH compliance for your educational and commercial spaces with our specialized COSHH assessment services. Our certified engineers conduct thorough surveys, adhering to COSHH regulations 7 and 9 as well as Health & Safety guidelines (HSG258).
Looking to optimize your fume cupboard extraction systems? The Fume Cupboard Company excels in providing ductwork design, fabrication, and installation services tailored to your exact requirements.
Looking for top-notch fume extraction solutions for your fume cupboards and local exhaust systems? Look no further than The Fume Cupboard Company. We offer a diverse selection of fume extraction fans specifically engineered to meet your needs.

Robust Ventilation Solutions

Explore our range of fume cabinets designed for effective containment and extraction of hazardous fumes. With options from ducted to mobile units, we cater to diverse applications.

In industrial settings, our extraction systems are engineered to handle tough challenges, delivering reliable performance.

Understanding the importance of fume cupboard chemistry, we offer specialized solutions for chemistry labs, ensuring safe handling of hazardous substances.

Seeking small UK fume cupboards or chemistry cupboards? Our compact yet powerful options are perfect for space efficiency.

Whether for labs, workshops, or industrial facilities, we have the expertise and products to meet your Fume extraction needs. Explore our range today and experience quality transformation.

We were impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail from the initial design and planning stages to the seamless installation and handover process. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend The Fume Cupboard Company Ltd to any prospective clients.

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