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Transforming Manufacturing with Bespoke Fume Extraction Solutions.

Transforming Workplace Safety: A Case Study of Bespoke Fume Extraction Solutions

This case study explores how a Manufacturing company, grappling with increasing safety regulations and growing concerns over employee health, turned to The Fume Cupboard Company’s bespoke fume extraction solutions. The resulting transformation saw a marked improvement in worker health and safety, compliance with industrial standards, and operational efficiency of the end user.

The Challenge: Ensuring Worker Safety and Regulatory Compliance.

Our client, a Leading Soft Drinks Company located in Southeast of England working on behalf of the Manufacturer, was facing significant challenges related to worker safety and regulatory compliance. Despite having a basic fume extraction system in place, it was unable to effectively mitigate the hazardous particulates produced during the manufacturing process, leading to health concerns among employees and potential regulatory violations.

The company’s existing system lacked the necessary extraction volume and velocity to handle the specific types and volumes of particulates generated by their operations. This led to inefficient extraction, leaving residual harmful particulates in the workplace, leading to potential health risks and non-compliance with occupational safety standards.

The Solution: Implementing Bespoke Fume Extraction Hood along with a moveable Weighing table.

Upon thorough assessment of the client’s operations, The Fume Cupboard Company Ltd identified the weaknesses in their existing system and custom-designed a fume extraction solution to meet their specific needs.

The solution involved a multi-point extraction hood that effectively captured and disposed of the hazardous particulates whilst powdered ingredients are being weighed out. The system ensured optimal performance and minimal maintenance.

If you are experiencing similar challenges in your manufacturing operations, we invite you to explore how The Fume Cupboard Company’s custom solutions can help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and take the first step towards transforming your business.

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