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Efficient Containment & Future-Proofing: A Case Study in Fume Cupboard Installation & Extraction System Design

Project Success: Delivering Custom Fume Cupboards to Meet Specific Requirements

In mid 2022, we successfully completed a comprehensive installation project, delivering on time and within budget. The project entailed the supply and installation of 5 Airflow 8 Fume Cupboards, with three of them custom-designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements.

These custom-designed fume cupboards featured large square hotplates, standing approximately 100mm high, seamlessly integrated to provide a flush tiled work surface. Additionally, similar rear infills were installed behind the hot plates and below the rear baffle, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. The 5th cupboard was specially built to incorporate a rear-mounted fume scrubbing system, ensuring efficient containment and purification of hazardous substances.

Enhancing Extraction Efficiency: The Integration of VAV Extract System with Fume Cupboards

To complement the fume cupboards, we supplied and installed a VAV (Variable Air Volume) UPVC extract system. The proposed design extract velocity is set at 0.5 M/S, with a sash opening height of 500mm, accommodating the potential installation of a future 6th Fume Cupboard. Considering a diversity factor of 85% usage, the system is engineered to ensure optimal performance, with the flexibility to support the addition of another fume cupboard in the future.

Optimizing Exhaust Efficiency: The Design and Implementation of the VAV Extract System

The VAV extract system is designed to efficiently channel exhaust from all the fume cupboards, converging into a main header running to the middle of the building. From there, it ascends through the first-floor slab, fitted with a fire collar, into the first-floor plant room. Within the plant room, a single inverter-controlled, direct-drive, 3-phase centrifugal fan unit is strategically positioned to facilitate smooth and controlled airflow. The UPVC rocket-style discharge stack rises 1.5 meters through the roof, providing safe and effective exhaust dispersion.

This meticulously planned and executed installation ensures not only the safety and functionality of the laboratory environment but also lays the groundwork for future expansions or modifications, demonstrating our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet our clients’ evolving needs.

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