Beyond Boundaries: Crafting Cutting-Edge Lab Environments with Fume Cupboards & VAV Extract Systems

Project Spotlight: The Fume Cupboard Company Delivers Cutting-Edge Laboratory Setup for Cortex

At the end of January 2023, The Fume Cupboard Company successfully completed the installation of a sophisticated laboratory setup for Cortex, featuring a total of 10 Airflow 8 Fume Cupboards. These custom fume cupboards, each measuring 1500mm wide, were meticulously designed and outfitted with an array of cutting-edge features to meet the specific requirements of the project.

The Airflow 8 Fume Cupboards boast an impressive list of specifications, including a robust toughened glass sash, durable Trespa worktop, Trespa linings and baffle for enhanced chemical resistance, VAV (Variable Air Volume) 250mm damper for precise airflow control, and full-width ventilated storage for efficient storage solutions. Additionally, they are equipped with advanced safety features such as the AFA4000/E VAV Airflow alarm and controller, low-energy LED lamps for optimal visibility, twin switch socket outlets for convenience, and essential utilities including a water tap and outlet, a drip cup, bottle trap, and a nitrogen valve and outlet.

Ensuring Safety and Performance: Customized Specifications for Airflow 8 Fume Cupboards

In terms of safety, the fume cupboards are fortified with CO2 fire suppression systems and fire switches linked to the fire alarm system, ensuring the highest standards of safety for laboratory personnel and equipment.

The design specifications dictate varying extract velocities for the Airflow 8 Fume Cupboards, with 5 operating at 0.5 M/S, 3 at 0.4 M/S, and 2 at 3.5 m/s, all with the sash height set at 500mm, ensuring optimal performance and containment of hazardous substances.

Optimizing Air Quality: The Advanced Air Handling System at Cortex Laboratory

Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with a comprehensive air handling system, featuring a factory-fitted controls package to condition fresh air. This system maintains a negative air pressure of 10 pascals within the laboratory, ensuring the containment of fumes and contaminants. Fresh air is drawn from the atmosphere through a roof-mounted air handling unit and distributed to the lab area via a ducted system. The air is then heated and cooled to the appropriate temperature using a DX cooling coil, which is supported by two Mitsubishi Electric condensers and their associated interfaces.

Complete Laboratory Setup: Enhancing Efficiency and Functionality with Advanced Extraction and Furniture Systems

To complement the fume cupboards and air handling system, an extraction system with chemical-resistant PVC ductwork and a chemical-resistant centrifugal fan ensures efficient removal of fumes and contaminants from the laboratory environment. The system is powered by a single-phase to 3-phase inverter, ensuring reliable and energy-efficient operation.

The lab furniture package includes freestanding laboratory furniture, comprising bench-mounted rear bench-mounted storage and a free-standing laboratory bench complete with a cast epoxy sink, drainer, and water saver lever-operated taps. Additionally, the lab features a China hand wash sink with a lever tap and single and double under-bench storage units, providing ample storage and workspace for laboratory activities.

Having previously worked with The Fume Cupboard Company on a smaller scale project, we were impressed by their professionalism and attention to detail. This successful experience gave us the confidence to entrust them with our new lab project.

We are extremely satisfied with every aspect of our new laboratory furniture and fume cupboard installation, from the initial design and planning stages to the seamless installation and handover process.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Lee and his team for their exceptional work. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend The Fume Cupboard Company Ltd to any prospective clients.